Why invest in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most developed and drastically developing emirates around the globe which welcomes all nationalities with warm greetings and offers the best services and opportunities for all category people in a hazel free environment. 

Dubai is a land of attraction to tourist, land of dreams to people who are in search of new job vacancies, land for successful business for young and prolonged entrepreneurs & corporates, land of safety and convenience to families, land assuring justice and protection of rights to all type of investors, visitors and inhabitant in Dubai.

Thus the government here stands for the right of the individuals, investors and corporates etc. Laws and regulations are incorporated in order to protect the end users and accordingly the same is amended and revised considering the impact of the same in varied environment. Hence all rights of the end users are protected and guaranteed from a wider aspect. Every right of the end users is protected and monitored by the government authorities itself without default.

Accordingly Dubai offers various types of visa to the individuals such as long and short term visa, tourist visa, visit visa, investor visa and freelancer visa etc. in order to meet varied requirement of the end users. End users are provided with opportunities to run their own business, corporate and consultancies including trading activities in the main land and free zones of Dubai. Such firms, companies can be held as sole establishment, Limited Liability Company, branch and partnership firm with or without a local sponsor depending on the land of incorporation and licensed activity requested by the end user.  Also Dubai offers the concept of virtual and physical offices to the end users in order to mitigate the risk and burden. Cost of incorporation and opening of the Company is kept to the minimal expenses and the individuals are free to decide on their share capital, share numbers, issued share capital and rates, management of the company etc. Another major benefit is exemption of TAX. While VAT is applicable in Dubai to an extend on certain services and purchase, while at some other instances its exempted and refunded. The government also enables to priorities services of companies by listing them as a certified service provider in the government records thus safeguarding all related rights and activities. Hence establishing, starting and running a corporate, company is any time preferable in Dubai. Obtaining visa permits, quota for company employees and employers is a hazel free and easy task. The market welcomes all type of business and services thus providing wide exposure to public sell, market and purchase goods and develops business from a small scale to a large scale. The demand of supplies, services and requirements are also high in the market. Thus considering all the above Dubai is any time a better place to start up your own business.

Moving on to property purchase in Dubai. Dubai Land Department protects and safeguards your investment and rights related to Property. Any person can own a property, properties in Dubai either land, villas, apartments or buildings. Even companies can own properties in Dubai. Purchase of such property can be direct or indirect through real estate registered agents and brokers. Sellers of such properties can be the property individual, joint owners, developers. While in case of any sale the same is to be registered with Dubai Land Department in order to secure the right of the Purchasers and the purchaser, investor will be provided with an interim registration certificate, final title deed. The investors are also able to secure easy financing, loan facilities from the centralized banks and financing firms in UAE. Such mortgage facilities are availed by banks for both purchases of property and also on the title deed of the property for personal financing. Properties for Rent in Dubai also enable the property purchasers and property investors to assure a revenue, return of investment and retirement scheme in future in favor of the investors. The scope of holiday homes commercial renting is also an inevitable possibility in Dubai. Investors can lease there property for short terms as holiday homes and generate revenue out of the same as Dubai witness uninterrupted flow of visitors and tourist on a daily, day to day basis. Even Dubai, UAE residents prefers to refresh themselves through various staycation, vacation and tour packages and holiday home options. Commercials renting and Residential renting with secured Ejari registration through DLD, RERA enables to secure the right of the landlord as well as the tenant.  Property purchase and Company incorporation enables the investor to obtain investor visa in Dubai, UAE.  

Further Dubai inhabitant as well as Dubai expats is also provided with a chance to own land in Dubai, develop communities, buildings, individual houses and sell it as a developer to any third party prospective purchasers. In which case such land and project for development to be registered with DLD (Dubai Land Department), RERA (Real estate regulatory agency) and accordingly all sales to be reported and registered with DLD, DM (Dubai Municipality) approvals for construction to be obtained, open and maintain escrow account for depositing money collected as a part of sale held by the investor, developer to prospective purchasers. This arrangement allows the investor to do completed property sale as well as under construction property sale (off plan sale). In such cases the appointed contractors and consultants fees can be paid from the escrow account and the entire profit out of such project development and sale of units, properties can be collected by construction completion. The investor here is in liberty to conclude the sale value of such developed, under construction property with the third party purchasers.  

Despite of all the above investing in Dubai, UAE is a matter of pride and being a part of most dynamic and prestigious happening society, community, province and territory.

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