Trademark registration in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Starting a business in UAE is a dream of many…

While starting a business, managing the business, protecting the business, safeguarding and securing the business and related business activity is a major task that is to be investigated and protected legally. Dubai, UAE offers multiple options for starting a company, business etc. Hence you can start your company, business in UAE at different rates and set ups. Dubai offers business and company start-ups, company, business incorporations in Dubai main land, and various free zones such as Jebel Ali Free Zone, Saif Zone, Meydan Free zone, Sharjah Free zone, Ajman free zone, Umm-Al-Quwain Free zone, DIFC, DMCC, DAFZA etc.. Also, UAE offers various licensed activities and functions forming part of business and company incorporation.

But just starting a business, starting a company will not protect all your rights to run a smooth business in market if the trademarks are not reserved. What is a trademark?? A trademark (also written trademark or trademark) is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identified products or services of a particular source from those of others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. In simple words trademark is a logo for identifying your products and services out of the many. Trademark can even be a promising, attractive sentence, caption given by you uniquely for your services and products.

Now the question is why to have a trademark when you have a registered tradename?? Note that even though you have a registered tradename there can be many other closely similar trade names available in market under same or different classification of services and products in matter. This may misguide your clients, buyers, end users, consumers in approaching you for services and buying of products manufactured and offered by your business and company. Hence to avoid such issue of market sale, purchase, misrepresentation, misleading, disguising, fraud in case of your clients, buyers, end users, consumers, it is always better to have your trademark registered. Further benefits of trademark registration in UAE allows the company, business to expand business by purchasing similar activity business and running, managing the same without any official revision of such taken over business, company corporate documents, employees visa etc. So, it’s never late, get started with registering trademark. As a part of registering trademark, you can get your trademark designed better with a logo and promising sentence.

Once your trademark is ready, register trademark with Ministry of Economy. Kindly note that the trademark law is common worldwide. Upon trademark registration with Ministry of Economy UAE your trademark, brand protection is secured all over UAE. Things to know for doing trademark registration:

  1. Be ready with your business trademark.
  2. First check with Ministry of Economy on payment of AED 500, that the Business trademark intended to be registered by you is not already registered by others.
  3. Trademark registration can be held online through the website of Ministry of Economy
  4. As there are many formalities and barriers, we suggest proceeding with trademark registration through consultants.
  5. Business trademark registration can be held by business owners, individuals who name is in the trade license under their name.
  6.  Business trademark registration by individual’s passport copy, emirates id, visa and Trade license, Commercial License, Professional License etc. in which such individual name exist to be submitted.
  7. Business trademark registration can be held by the Company under the Company name.
  8.  Business trademark registration by Company trade license, Memorandum of Association (MOA), Article of Association (AOA) etc. to be submitted.
  9. Business trademark registration can be held thereafter by selecting the exact category, classification of activities from the Ministry of Economy activity list, which best suits your business.
  10.  Business trademark registration can be held under more than on category, classification of activities.
  11. Upon Business trademark registration online, you will be provided by an initial approval.
  12. At this stage of Business trademark registration initial approval fees of AED1003 to be paid to the department.
  13. Such initial approval of Business trademark registration, exist for 3 to 4 months within which the Business trademark registration final certificate will be issued by the authorities.
  14. On initial approval Business trademark registration, you can also obtain a STATUS CERTIFICATE on payment of 302AED.
  15. Business trademark registration STATUS Certificate can be used for sign boards, RTA vehicle branding, marketing brochures etc.
  16. You can use such STATUS CERTIFICATE as interim trademark registration approval with the below mark for all your transactions till the date of receiving final Business Trademark Registration Certificate.

  1. The Ministry of Economy will publish such trademark registration number along with classification in official gazette and 2 local newspapers.
  2. As per above publications, public has a right to oppose, defend such Business trademark registration application within 30 days.
  3. In case of any third-party objection on the Business trademark registration, the matter will be heard by the department in presence of both parties and the final decision to be taken.
  4. While in case of no objection the Ministry of Economy issues the Business trademark registration final certificate.
  5. The Total cost incurred for such Business trademark registration is AED 9700.
  6. Validity of one time issued Business trademark registration certificate (Final) is 10 years.
  7. Such Final Registered Business trademark, can be used by you with the mark

24. Renew your business trademark registration in every 10 years.



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