Our Services


1) Registration and Renewal of the Company document.

2) Maintenance of the company constitutional documents.

3) Maintain Shareholder, Board of Directors & Executive Committee meeting files.

4) Drafting of Minutes and Shareholder resolutions, Board resolutions and EC approvals.

5) Advising on the legality of the company decisions and functioning.

6) Providing professional support and advice to the clients as required.

7) Advising and preparing legal documentation on the matters related to setting up a business and providing information about foreign business investments, opportunities, competitive companies and business practices. Assisting the clients in compliance with all various legal requirements.

8) Advising on minimal liability and legal exposure for the business.

9) Ensuring that the legal documents and other contractual documents are effectively drafted, reviewed, interpreted, and vetted.

10) Assessing and advising effectively to minimize and control risks to clients and ensuring that the system, controls and processes are appropriate as relevant.

11) Assisting in identifying the problems, forming hypotheses and give solutions for the issues with a view to ensure that the client receives the required assistance in the implementation of the recommendations and solutions.

12) Representing the company in ensuring the efficient handling and winning resolution of all negotiations and disputes.

13) Supervising, researching and analyzing implication of case law, legislation, and regulatory matters that affect the clients.

14) Advising clients and explaining legal matters to them and coordinating with professionals such as mortgage lenders, government authorities or other lawyers on behalf of clients.

15) Researching and summarizing legal information;

16) Liaising with co-workers from legal practice, courts, accountancy firms, and banks.

17) Keeping abreast with changing legislation.

18) Indexing and filling paperwork.

19) Company incorporation, structuring, advising and proposing best strata to be followed for the development of projects.

20) Providing Quality advice and assistance in the issues related to Insolvency, Merger, Amalgamation &Organization Restructuring 


1) Detailed review, scrutiny , advise, preparation and drafting of supply chain contracts, software and development contractor, investment agreements, consultancy agreements, customer and supplier agreements, licensing and sposorship agreemehnt, franchise agreement, partnership and membership agreement, advertising and marketing agreements.

2) Providing proactive assistance and advice on various legal issues like commercial contracts, dispute resolution, regulatory, employment, and governance by creatively endorsing the development of latest businesses including analysis, creation, reasoning, and evaluation, within legally satisfactory parameters and proposing recommendation to the clients based on the research plus practical experience of the consultant.

3) Thus we deal and advise in details all commercial aspects for the client, company and business.

Company Formation

1) Incorporation of different type of Company like sole establishment, branch, limited liability company, partnership etc.

2) Incorporation of Companies in Dubai main land, Freezone, Off shores with virtual and physiacl office space. Such as in DED, Meydan Freezone (MFZ), Jabel Ali Freezone (JAFZA), Sharjah Airport Freezone (SAIF), Dubai Airport Authority (DAFZA), Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Umm Al Quin Freezone, Ras Al Khaimah Freezone (RAK), British Virgin Island (BVI) etc.

3) Drafting of Share sale & Purchaase Agreements (SSPA), MOU, Joint Venture AgreementArticle of Association, Memorandum of Association, Share certificate, register & allotment, related Job description and profile of the Manager, Shareholders, executive members, board of directors etc.

4) Drafting of Shareholder & Board resolutions, POA and authorization letter to such effect of incorporation.

5) Submitting, liasing and sucessfully obtainining a commercial license, renewal of commercial license from concerned department and further adding on new activities, revisions of shares, function and shareholders in the commercial license.

Intellectual Property Rights (Trade Mark & Copyright)

1) Guidance on the IPR law and requirments .

2) Protection of the Intellectual Property rights (Trade mark & Copyright) and other marketing materials of the Client.

3) Registration of the Intellectual Property rights (Trade mark & Copyright) with concerned authorities.

4) Serving legal notices in case of violated usage of the IPR by third parties.

Construction & Real Estate Investment , Development And Project

1) Detailed review, scrutiny and advise on the Construction & Real Estate Investment , Development and Project held or to be held by the Client.

2) Registration of the Real estate developer, development company and project with relevant departments including Dubai land Department (DLD) and Real estate regulatory authority (RERA).

3) Compliance with all legal requirments, submissions for the smooth ongoing of the Project.

4) Liasing, meeting, representing before DLD, RERA, other authorities on behalf of the Developer, Seller, Purchaser, third party Purchaser and Prospective Purchasers.

5) Construction updates, RERA technical reports and support in obtaining approvals from all relavant authirties like DLD, RERA, Dubai Municipality (DM), Dubai Economic Department (DED) etc.

6) Representing, raising and negotiating claims, rights, damages and losses on behalf of or between the Purchasers , Developers, Sellers and relevant authorties.

7) Preparation and submission of related applications, forms, documents, NOC’s, indemnity, Undertakings etc. with relevant departments and authorities.

8)Review, revision, drafting of the Booking form, Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), contracts, agreements, Memoradum of understandings, Addendum,Mutual Settlement, Transfer, Swap Agreements, Payment plan extension, upgrade, resale agreements, request forms, application forms etc.

9) DLD registration, termination, handover and title registration procedures.

10) Bank account Managment, RERA escrow account, retention & amanat account managment and release of funds to contractors, consultants, third parties.

11)Payment, Construction and other agreed contract terms Default notices , Legal & Reply Notices, appropriate email formats and responses to opposite party.

12) Service charge laws and negotiations.

13) Appropriate guidance, advise and action considering and upon understanding the actual requirment of the Client.

14) Accompanying, attending, verifying, countering, explaining during expert visits and expert reports, technical inspection reports held by DLD, RERA, Dubai Municipality (DM).

Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution (ADR) Support

1) Legal advise, support and preparation of documentation to Dubai Courts, settlement reforms centre on behalf of the Client.

2) Procuring apt, expertised and cost effective lawyers for representation before Court considering the requirment of each client.

3) Liasing, negotiating and meeting with the opponent lawyers, lawfirm, related and relevant authorties, Dubai Courts and arbitration Centre.

4) Ensuring proper submissions and representations of the facts and issues, with appropriate prayers, paper works, documentations, online submissions and fee payments before relevat authorties and courts.

5) Drafting of legal notices, reply notices, claim, written statement, appeals, interim applications etc.

6) Such legal services are provided to individuals, corporates, companies etc.

7) Holding, conducting criminal, civil, labour, immigration litigation cases, out of court settlement, rental disputes and maintaining records of the entire file in all stages of case held between first instance court, appeal court, cassation court, execution court and special judicial committees.

8) Accompanying, attending, verifying, countering, explaining during expert visits and expert reports.

9) Filing of cheque bounce, cheque dishonor case before relevent authotires, Dubai Police and relevant courts and concluding further representations, submissions.

Banking, Finance & Accounts Services

1) Opening and maintenance of bank account.

2) Online services for bank account.

3) Ensuring timely payment of liabilities.

4) Correspondence with bank on all matters regarding the account holder.

5) Registers on postdated, managers cheques received/paid.

6) Securing of sharia (islamic) & conventional (non islamic) bank mortgages from various banks.

7) Scrutinize, review, advise ,prepare and draft relevant financial, mortgage documents, Offer letter, statement of accounts, finanve notice etc.

Tenancy, Ejari & Rental Disputes

1) Review, revision, liasing and drafting of the Tenancy contract, Short term lease agreement, Rental agreement, License agreements.

2) Ejari registration law and relvenat registration process.

3) Representation and Negotition on Rental disputes, RERA rental index, rental calculations, charges and claims.

Power Of Attorney (POA), Will, Notices (Including Notary Attestations).

1) Review, revision, liasing and drafting of the Power of attorney as per the exact requirments of the Client, individual and companies.

2) Registration and validation of the POA through and with Public Notary and Dubai Courts.

3) Review, revision, liasing and drafting of the Will as per sharia law, no isslamic law, for expacts as per the exact requirments of the Client, individual.

4) Registration and validation of the Will through and with Public Notary, Dubai Courts and relevant authorities.

5) Assistance in obtaining birth, death, legal heir and successor certificate from relevant authorities.

6) Providing legal translation documents.

Employment & Immigration Contracts

1) Review, revision, liasing and drafting of the labour contracts, employment contracts, empanelment contract, agency contract, recruitment contract, offer , termination, increment letters.

2) Support in immigration laws, labour laws and end of service stratgey , filing of labour cases.

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